Is Fairfax County, Virginia a Good Place to Live?


If you’ve considered moving to Virginia, Del Aria Team lets solution for you to be wondering if Fairfax County, Virginia is a good place to live. Fairfax County has a good mix of amenities and natural beauty, but it isn’t a city with a carefully planned street grid. Its neighborhoods are often choppy, so you’ll need to get comfortable using Google Maps to find your way around town. The weather is fairly predictable, though the summer months are usually hot.

Fairfax County

Fairfax County, Virginia, is an attractive place to live if you’re looking for a booming job market. The median household income is well above six figures, and the county is home to 11 of the 17 Fortune 500 companies located in the Washington, D.C. area. It is also home to the federal government, which is one of the largest employers in the county. Overall, the county has a low unemployment rate – 2.3%, which is below the national average.

The population of Fairfax County is both young and old. The county boasts a low violent crime rate and a good public transportation system. In addition, the area offers a number of regional attractions.

Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon is a good place to live if you like diversity and a compact city. The city has an average population density of 2,300 people per square mile. The city offers a variety of housing options for residents of all income levels and preferences. The livability score is based on the sum of city data points and a weighted average.

For those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new home, renting an apartment in Mount Vernon is an excellent choice. Many apartments and homes for rent in Mount Vernon are available from real estate companies and private landlords. While real estate companies tend to have more amenities and a broader variety of homes, private landlords are often more flexible and willing to negotiate a price. If you’re moving within the next few years, you may be able to negotiate a better deal with an older property. In either case, it’s important to shop around to find the best deal.

Arlington County

The unemployment rate in Arlington County, Virginia is nearly half the national average, and there are plenty of opportunities for employment in the government and private sector. Approximately 75% of Arlington County jobs are in government or public service, and there are many other opportunities in the private sector as well. Several major companies and multinational corporations have headquarters in Arlington, including Amazon’s HQ2, Raytheon Technologies, and Deloitte.

The cost of living in Fairfax City is about 56% higher than the national average, but it is comparable to other cities in the Northern Virginia region. For instance, the average rent in Fairfax City is $1,560 per month, while the average rent in Fairfax County is $1,548.

Falls Church

For those looking for a peaceful suburban community, Falls Church is a great option. Residents are surrounded by beautiful homes in a safe community. It is also easy to access major roadways via a metro station on the Orange Line. This provides residents with a convenient alternative to driving into the bustling DC metro.

Residents of Falls Church will find that the public school system is consistently ranked as one of the best in the state. The school system, which is part of the Fairfax County Public School System, was ranked number one by U.S. News & World Report. However, this desirable location also means a high cost of living. Compared to the national average, Falls Church residents will spend a high percentage of their income on transportation and housing.

Downtown Fairfax

If you’re looking for a place to live near Washington, D.C., you may want to consider Fairfax, Virginia. The city has a low poverty rate compared to other U.S. cities, with an average of 10 to 13% of its population living below the poverty line. However, Fairfax is a relatively small city, with just 23,865 people. That means that economic conditions are often worse for a city of this size.

The area offers a variety of residential properties, from single-family detached dwellings to modern condos and townhomes. The area also has several top-rated schools. There is a nice mix of historic buildings and new construction, and home prices here are higher than in other parts of the city. The types of homes available in downtown Fairfax range from compact townhomes to sprawling single-family homes.

Commuting time

One of the best reasons to move to Fairfax is its convenience. Fairfax is a great place to live because it is a relatively short commute from Washington, D.C., and Ashburn is a great alternative to Reston. However, if you want to save money and still be close to the city, you might want to consider a different location.

There are several neighborhoods to consider. The area has plenty of shopping, schools, and parks. If you’re looking for a less expensive neighborhood, you can try Mosby Woods, which is near the Metro station. This neighborhood offers homes in the upper $400s and low $500s. Although the homes in this neighborhood are not as walkable as those in Fairfax City, they have larger yards and are more affordable than similar homes in the city. The area also offers easy access to the Vienna Metro station and the Dunn Loring-Merrifield Metro station.

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